Common Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems in Olympia

HVAC Airflow Problems olympiaAlong with summer, winter is the other time of year when HVAC use is at its peak among many Olympia households. However, the usage may not be optimal if you’re experiencing HVAC airflow problems. Determine what the cause may be and call a technician for furnace maintenance.

Signs of HVAC Airflow Problems

Put your hand to the air vent. Is the air flowing out weak or non-existent altogether? You may also notice hot and cold spots in certain areas of the same room. Finally, you may notice a pressure imbalance where it’s particularly strong in some areas. This may lead to a whistling sound from the vent or the door slamming shut by itself.

Causes of Airflow Problems

Blocked AC Vents

Are one or more AC vents obstructed by furniture? Blockage in one vent can affect the distribution of airflow to the other vents. It’s also a bad idea to seal vents with cardboard. Some homeowners do this for a room if they find the HVAC temperature too warm or cool.

Clogged Filter

Pull out and hold the filter to a light source. If light can’t penetrate through, the filter is due for a cleaning or a replacement.

Blocked Ducts

Even with a clean filter, some dust and microscopic particles may still get through and rest in the ductwork. Over time, this can lead to narrower parts of the duct becoming clogged. In this case, the ducts will need to be cleaned.

Outdated HVAC

Is the HVAC unit more than a decade old? It may no longer be compatible for your home, especially if you’ve made renovations. The new layout and furniture placement may not be optimal for the old HVAC’s performance.

Contact Air Solutions for Airflow Problems in Olympia 

Winter is the time of year to contact Air Solutions for HVAC remedies, including heat pump and air conditioning maintenance. HVAC airflow problems are signs of less-than-optimal performance; don’t ignore the signs. Contact us today!

Residential HVAC Airflow Problems & Solutions in Olympia

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