The Truth About Overly Large Furnaces in Tacoma

large furnaces tacomaBigger is better, right? Not always, and definitely not when it comes to HVAC units. Some homeowners think large furnaces equal more power and efficiency when warming the interior. Find out why bigger systems don’t necessarily equal higher output.

Uneven Heat Distribution

A common issue is that some rooms heat up more quickly than others. Some rooms end up being a little too warm. This problem is compounded with a furnace that’s too large for the size of your home. The higher output makes the slightly warmer rooms become too warm for comfort.

Less Efficiency

Furnaces and air conditioners undergo a warmup phase when they switch on. It takes several minutes for the system to reach optimal efficiency. With a furnace that’s too large for the home, this warmup phase occurs rapidly, causing the thermostat to shut off. Once temperature begins dipping, the HVAC will start up again and repeat the cycle. The rapid warmups, shutdowns, and restarts occur more frequently with a large furnace. The constant restart taxes the HVAC and also consumes additional power. This also leads to a shorter lifespan and more servicing intervals.


Oversized furnaces are more prone to short cycling. This occurs when the furnace shuts off before the room has a chance to reach optimal temperatures. Larger furnaces generate more heat at a faster rate than can be consumed, causing the system to overheat. The furnace responds by activating its auto-shut-off mode. The system has just short-cycled, and your room still isn’t at a comfortably warm temperature.

You Don’t Require Large Furnaces in Tacoma

When installing a new furnace or heat pump, we determine the appropriate size for the dimensions of your home. Contact Air Solutions today if you require servicing or a new installation. Remember, large furnaces don’t make your home warmer and only consume more energy. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Large Furnaces Are Not Better in Tacoma

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