3 Facts Every Tacoma Homeowner Should Know About Their Air Conditioning System

Air Solutions Tacoma air conditioning systemIn the summer months, you’re most likely running your air conditioning unit every day. Still, many homeowners know very little about their air conditioning systems. Here, we discuss the top three things every homeowner should know about their A/C unit.

You Can Help Your System Cool Your Home

Your air conditioning works hard to pump cool air throughout your home. But you may be surprised to learn there’s a lot you can do to help it perform its job. Especially during the summer months, closing your shades and blinds during the day can keep the cool air inside and the warm air outside.  

Regularly Changing Your Air Filter is Key

Dirty air filters can hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning unit. Because your system will be hard at work all summer long, it’s important to replace your air conditioner’s filter monthly.

Outside Maintenance is Important, Too

The indoor aspect of your A/C unit is probably the part of it you’re most familiar with. However, the outdoor condenser unit is just as important when it comes to maintenance. Your outdoor unit should be regularly cleared of dirt, twigs and other debris that may accumulate. When they are clean and unobstructed, the condenser coil and compressor are able to pump sweet, clean air throughout your home.

Air Conditioning System Checkups in Tacoma

If you need professional help with an A/C problem or simply need an expert to perform periodic maintenance, reach out to Air Solutions. We offer an annual maintenance program for your air conditioning system, along with gas furnace and heat pump solutions for the winter. We’re also owned and operated by a service-disabled veteran! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Get an Air Conditioning System Checkup in Tacoma

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