Common Causes of an Air Conditioner Malfunction in Waller

Air Solutions Waller air conditioner malfunctionIf you are experiencing an air conditioner malfunction, there are several things that could be causing it. Being able to identify some of the most typical causes could get you started on the right path to finding a solution and knowing when to call a pro for help. 

Leaks and Clogs

There are many different hoses in your air conditioning unit. If they leak or become clogged, it causes all kinds of problems. Your AC also uses refrigerant to generate cool air; if that leaks, it prevents the unit from effectively cooling your home.  

Thermostat Issues 

Electric thermostats can have complicated settings or rely on battery power to work correctly. If you don’t have your thermostat set to the right temperature or if it is not communicating with the AC unit, you might not get the cool air you want. 

Dirty Air Filters

Your air conditioner pulls air from the interior of your home and cools it using a heat transfer and refrigerant. That air must pass through a filter to remove any dust or debris. Check your filter regularly to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced.   

Do You Need Help With an Air Conditioner Malfunction in Waller? 

If your air conditioner’s performance isn’t meeting your expectations, the professionals at Air Solutions can help. We offer maintenance programs for your HVAC as well as gas furnace installation, repair and maintenance, as well as heat pump installation and service. We are owned and operated by a service-disabled veteran and want to help you keep your home comfortable all year long. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help resolve your air conditioner malfunction and get you feeling cool again.   

Get Prompt Assistance With Your Air Conditioner Malfunction in Waller 

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3 Facts Every Tacoma Homeowner Should Know About Their Air Conditioning System

Air Solutions Tacoma air conditioning systemIn the summer months, you’re most likely running your air conditioning unit every day. Still, many homeowners know very little about their air conditioning systems. Here, we discuss the top three things every homeowner should know about their A/C unit.

You Can Help Your System Cool Your Home

Your air conditioning works hard to pump cool air throughout your home. But you may be surprised to learn there’s a lot you can do to help it perform its job. Especially during the summer months, closing your shades and blinds during the day can keep the cool air inside and the warm air outside.  

Regularly Changing Your Air Filter is Key

Dirty air filters can hinder the efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioning unit. Because your system will be hard at work all summer long, it’s important to replace your air conditioner’s filter monthly.

Outside Maintenance is Important, Too

The indoor aspect of your A/C unit is probably the part of it you’re most familiar with. However, the outdoor condenser unit is just as important when it comes to maintenance. Your outdoor unit should be regularly cleared of dirt, twigs and other debris that may accumulate. When they are clean and unobstructed, the condenser coil and compressor are able to pump sweet, clean air throughout your home.

Air Conditioning System Checkups in Tacoma

If you need professional help with an A/C problem or simply need an expert to perform periodic maintenance, reach out to Air Solutions. We offer an annual maintenance program for your air conditioning system, along with gas furnace and heat pump solutions for the winter. We’re also owned and operated by a service-disabled veteran! Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Get an Air Conditioning System Checkup in Tacoma

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The Importance of Regular AC Maintenance in Tacoma

Air Solutions Tacoma regular AC maintenanceSummer is nearly upon us in Tacoma, which means your home will become your air-conditioned sanctuary on those hot, lazy summer afternoons. To ensure your AC unit is up to the task, you’ll want to perform regular AC maintenance at least once a year. Here’s why you should make AC maintenance a priority:

Savings, Savings, Savings

Saving money may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you contemplate regular maintenance for your air conditioner. However, when your unit is functioning at its highest capacity, the internal parts don’t have to work as hard. During a maintenance check, your technician will thoroughly clean and inspect your air conditioner to ensure it is up to standards.

Preserve the Unit & Equipment

The longer individual pieces of equipment last, the longer your AC unit will last. It can be costly to replace an air conditioner, so why not extend the life of your current unit by scheduling preventative maintenance?

Peace of Mind for the Summer Heat

When you reduce the risk of needing emergency AC repairs, you can better relax in your home this summer. In addition, you can ensure your family and friends are breathing in pure, clean air.

Need Expert Regular AC Maintenance in Tacoma?

No matter what your air conditioning needs, Air Solutions has got you covered! Providing skilled AC maintenance and repairs, along with gas furnace and heat pump solutions, we are your go-to heating and cooling experts in the Tacoma area. We even offer emergency services 24/7, so you’re never left scrambling to find a technician. Contact us today to learn more about how our regular AC maintenance services can help make your life a breeze this summer!

Regular AC Maintenance in Tacoma

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Air Conditioning Checkups For the Spring in Tacoma

Air Solutions Air Conditioning Checkups TacomaThere’s no worse feeling than when your air conditioning unit malfunctions in the heat of summer. Fortunately, this spring you can take precautions to avoid such a situation. By scheduling an air conditioning checkup, you can prevent problems and expensive repairs down the line.

Why spring?

Spring is the perfect time for an air conditioning checkup. Why? HVAC companies are generally swamped during the summer months, bogged down with constant repairs and long wait times. During your spring HVAC maintenance, your technician will be able to respond quickly and efficiently to any small problems and ensure your unit is working at peak performance. That way, you’ll be able to pass your summer relaxing in comfort.

What does the technician inspect?

When examining your air conditioning unit, some of the most common tasks on  an HVAC contractors list include:

  • Adjusting refrigerant levels if needed;
  • Clean filters, evaporators or condenser coils;
  • Check for condenser issues;
  • Ensure electrical components are properly functioning; and
  • Calibrate the thermostat.

This is just a small selection of items inspected during a typical air conditioning maintenance checkup. Your technician  will perform a thorough inspection to ensure your unit is properly functioning and prepared to handle the summer months’ high temperatures.

Scheduling an Air Conditioning Checkup Made Simple in Tacoma

If you’re ready to invest in preventative care for your air conditioning unit, the pros at Air Solutions are here to help. In operation for more than 28 years, we provide personalized, high-quality HVAC services to Tacoma and the surrounding area, including South, King and Pierce counties. For the cooler months, we also offer gas furnace and heat pump solutions to keep you comfortable year-round. Contact our team of skilled professionals today to schedule your air conditioning checkup!


Expert Springtime Air Conditioning Checkups in Tacoma

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3 Signs Your Heat Pump Needs Repair in Tacoma

Air Solutions Tacoma Heat Pump RepairHeat pumps have a life expectancy of around 15 years, on average. However, if a heat pump has not been serviced regularly, this number is liable to decrease significantly. Do you need your heat pump repaired or replaced? Read on to learn the top 3 signs your heat pump needs to be serviced.

1. Your Heat Pump Won’t Turn On 

If the pump doesn’t turn on, it could mean there are problems with the thermostat connection or a tripped breaker. You can check the thermostat and breakers yourself to ensure they are functioning properly. 

If you still hear a clicking sound when turning on the pump, a broken starter capacitor could be the problem. The heat pump is designed to regulate hot and cold air flow. If it only works with one or the other, your reversing valve may need replacing. In either case, a professional will need to service the heat pump.

2. There’s No Heat

Besides a broken reversing valve, the unit could be clogged or simply dirty. Try replacing the air filter and see if there is any change. If not, an HVAC technician can check to see if low refrigerant levels are the problem.

3. Strange Noises Or Smells Are Coming From Your Pump

Don’t worry about ordinary humming sounds; even properly functioning heat pumps are bound to make some noise! Instead, focus on sounds that may indicate loose parts, such as rattling and screeching. Also, pay attention to smells of rot, mustiness or burning to know if a professional HVAC technician should take a closer look.

Heat Pump Repair Made Easy in Tacoma

If you find yourself needing to have your heat pump repaired in the Tacoma area, give the experts at Air Solutions a call. With more than 28 years of experience serving the local community, we are experienced enough to work with any brand or model. Along with heat pump repair services, we also provide solutions for gas furnaces and air conditioning. You can contact us today to schedule a visit.

Heat Pump Repair and Replacement in Tacoma

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Spring Furnace Maintenance Tips in Tacoma

Spring furnace maintenance tacomaWith spring just about here, homeowners can expect turning down their furnace. Now that the unit has done its job for the year, it’s time to give it a good checkup. Spring furnace maintenance ensures the appliance is in sturdy shape and ready for another round of heavy use by late fall.

Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is essentially the furnace’s brain. If the thermostat isn’t functioning properly, then neither will the furnace, even if the appliance is otherwise in good condition. To ensure the thermostat continuously feeds the furnace accurate data, switch out the battery every spring. A faulty thermostat affects the HVAC as a whole, including the adjoining air conditioner.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Inspect the outdoor portion of the unit and give it a good clean. This is a good time to inspect for and remove loose foliage inside the system that can impede performance. Wash the exterior portion using mild soap and water. 

Do a Three-Point Check

Check the three essential areas of the furnace.

  • Filter – Clean or replace the air filter every spring
  • Flame – In a gas furnace, check the color of the flame, which should be bluish. If it’s yellowish, there may be underlying problems
  • Vents – Check the vents for rust and blockages

Check the Air Ducts

Clogged air ducts transport airborne allergens into the home interior. Since you can only look several feet into the ductwork, you’ll need to arrange for a contractor to inspect and possibly clean the air ducts. This is also a good time to inspect for leaks in the ducts.

We Make Spring Furnace Maintenance in Tacoma Easy

With the arrival of more pleasant weather, now is the time to begin spring furnace maintenance. While homeowners can conduct surface-level inspections and cleaning, leave the more technical maintenance to Air Solutions. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

Professional Spring Furnace Maintenance in Tacoma

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The Truth About Overly Large Furnaces in Tacoma

large furnaces tacomaBigger is better, right? Not always, and definitely not when it comes to HVAC units. Some homeowners think large furnaces equal more power and efficiency when warming the interior. Find out why bigger systems don’t necessarily equal higher output.

Uneven Heat Distribution

A common issue is that some rooms heat up more quickly than others. Some rooms end up being a little too warm. This problem is compounded with a furnace that’s too large for the size of your home. The higher output makes the slightly warmer rooms become too warm for comfort.

Less Efficiency

Furnaces and air conditioners undergo a warmup phase when they switch on. It takes several minutes for the system to reach optimal efficiency. With a furnace that’s too large for the home, this warmup phase occurs rapidly, causing the thermostat to shut off. Once temperature begins dipping, the HVAC will start up again and repeat the cycle. The rapid warmups, shutdowns, and restarts occur more frequently with a large furnace. The constant restart taxes the HVAC and also consumes additional power. This also leads to a shorter lifespan and more servicing intervals.


Oversized furnaces are more prone to short cycling. This occurs when the furnace shuts off before the room has a chance to reach optimal temperatures. Larger furnaces generate more heat at a faster rate than can be consumed, causing the system to overheat. The furnace responds by activating its auto-shut-off mode. The system has just short-cycled, and your room still isn’t at a comfortably warm temperature.

You Don’t Require Large Furnaces in Tacoma

When installing a new furnace or heat pump, we determine the appropriate size for the dimensions of your home. Contact Air Solutions today if you require servicing or a new installation. Remember, large furnaces don’t make your home warmer and only consume more energy. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Large Furnaces Are Not Better in Tacoma

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2021 HVAC Resolutions for Puyallup Homeowners

HVAC resolutions puyallupApart from financial and health goals, what are some of your other New Year’s resolutions? We know most homeowners don’t consider goals for their air conditioning and heating system. We’ll explain why HVAC resolutions make sense and how to incorporate them into your plans for 2021 in Puyallup.

Why Make HVAC Resolutions?

Most resolutions are tied to either health or finances.  Let’s examine how you can improve both your health and your finances with proper care and maintenance of your HVAC system.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat manages itself, auto-adjusting according to your desired pre-settings. The thermostat will make adjustments based on your sleep schedule or when you leave home and when you return. It will dial HVAC use back, but not so much that the interior is freezing when you wake up or come home.

Check for Air Leaks

Gaps in the air ducts lead to heat loss, forcing your furnace to work harder and costing you more money. A leak isn’t always easy to find; this is best left to a technician to detect. Air penetrations require professional servicing and can’t simply be fixed with duct tape or plumber’s putty.

Consider a New Installment

If your HVAC is more than 20-years-old, it may no longer be efficient. Many advancements have been made in the industry in the last 10 years. An upgrade to a heat pump is an investment, but it will perform far more efficiently while saving you money in the process.

Let Us Help with Your HVAC Resolutions in Puyallup

Begin 2021 with a strong start by committing to HVAC resolutions that will help your home run more efficiently and healthfully. Contact us at Air Solutions to find out how we can assist in making this happen.

Meet Your HVAC Resolutions in Puyallup with Our Help

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Common Causes of HVAC Airflow Problems in Olympia

HVAC Airflow Problems olympiaAlong with summer, winter is the other time of year when HVAC use is at its peak among many Olympia households. However, the usage may not be optimal if you’re experiencing HVAC airflow problems. Determine what the cause may be and call a technician for furnace maintenance.

Signs of HVAC Airflow Problems

Put your hand to the air vent. Is the air flowing out weak or non-existent altogether? You may also notice hot and cold spots in certain areas of the same room. Finally, you may notice a pressure imbalance where it’s particularly strong in some areas. This may lead to a whistling sound from the vent or the door slamming shut by itself.

Causes of Airflow Problems

Blocked AC Vents

Are one or more AC vents obstructed by furniture? Blockage in one vent can affect the distribution of airflow to the other vents. It’s also a bad idea to seal vents with cardboard. Some homeowners do this for a room if they find the HVAC temperature too warm or cool.

Clogged Filter

Pull out and hold the filter to a light source. If light can’t penetrate through, the filter is due for a cleaning or a replacement.

Blocked Ducts

Even with a clean filter, some dust and microscopic particles may still get through and rest in the ductwork. Over time, this can lead to narrower parts of the duct becoming clogged. In this case, the ducts will need to be cleaned.

Outdated HVAC

Is the HVAC unit more than a decade old? It may no longer be compatible for your home, especially if you’ve made renovations. The new layout and furniture placement may not be optimal for the old HVAC’s performance.

Contact Air Solutions for Airflow Problems in Olympia 

Winter is the time of year to contact Air Solutions for HVAC remedies, including heat pump and air conditioning maintenance. HVAC airflow problems are signs of less-than-optimal performance; don’t ignore the signs. Contact us today!

Residential HVAC Airflow Problems & Solutions in Olympia

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